Success Factor
Many factors related to success for feed mill, but there are key success factors, which we can do to make them happen to maximize overall plant, process and machine performance.
The acquisition costs of a machine are just around 1/3 of overall invest. Land and  Infrastructure construction will not cost any further once complete. The operating costs further need to be much concerned, as good machine with good after-sales-service, especially supervision service and training really can lower down operation cost significantly. So good supplier must be very cooperative for following points:

(1) Good quality of machine

(2) Perfect engineer design

(3) Good communication in English with experienced manager

(4) Quick response for after -sales - service

(5) Experience mechanical engineer and electrical engineer for perfect installation supervision service and all-round training service.

(6) 24hours response for any request

(7) Sufficiency of spare parts

Feed quality
2. Feed quality
Feed quality are key issues for all companies.

(1) Good nutrition remain in feed pellet.

(2) Fully avoid contamination

(3) Sterilizing when conditioning

(4) Perfect formula

Energy saving
3. Energy saving
Rising energy prices, shortage of resources, are all burden for feed mill, limiting energy consumption is challenge for feed industry. For feed mills, the pelleting and grinding processes consume the most energy. Optimizing these processes has an immediate effect on energy consumption. But there are many more ways to save energy in your feed mill. Do you wish to know how to save energy? Contact with us , to give you more solutions.
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