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hammer beater
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hammer beater

Hammer beater

Hammer is most important and most easily worn parts.  Hammer's shape, size and quality will effect the hammer mill's grinding efficiency and product quality in remarkable way.

Hammer's quality depens on its material, heat treatment, and processing accuracy.

Hammer's material and heat treatment: now main material of hammer is low carbon steel, medium carbon steel;special cast iron. Heat treatment and surface hardening can improve the wearable performance and increase hammer's lifetime.

Hammer 's processing accuracy: hammer mill is high speeding operation parts. its accuracy will effect the balance of rotor. Normally require random two sets of hammer 's weight cant over 5g. So it is very strict for accuracy, especially for tungsten carbide hammer, it require more strict bead weld process quality.  

Hammer beat and crush raw material in hammer mill, so it wears quickly and need to be change in most frequent way. when four working angles are worn, then the hammer need to be replaced.

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