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ring die
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ring die

Rich experience for ring die manufacturing: guarantee the depth of hole and opening rate, can be customized for production of livestock and aqua feed, increase the efficiency of rign die remarkably.

Good surface finish, High hardness,  good quality of feed formation, and nice appearance of feed.

Quick for production, high capacity, same model and same size will be more superior among competitors in industry.

We can manufacture different models and different hole size ring die.
Ring die normally use 40Cr and 4Crl3 steel material. 4Crl3 stainless steel ring die normally for feed production.

4Cr13 steel dies are vacuum /through hardened.
The heat treatment achieves 53HRc hardness on surface and in the core. The high chrome content makes it corrosion   resistant( called stainless steel)

Life time : 1000-1200Hrs

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