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High grade feed pellet mill
  • High grade feed pellet mill
  • High grade feed pellet mill
  • High grade feed pellet mill

High grade feed pellet mill

High grade feed pellet mill

  • High grage poultry feed production 

  • Aquafeed production: shrimp feed, crab feed, fish feed. 

Most pellet mills now have one or more conditioners mounted above them where liquids such as water and molasses can be added to improve pelletability.

The water is sometimes added in the form of steam which softens the feed and partially gelatinises the starch content of the ingredients, resulting in firmer (and for aquafeed more water stable) pellets.

Besides it, steam acted as a lubricant to reduce friction during pelleting.

Pellet quality is dependent on the following factors: 40% feed formulation, 20% feed size, 20% conditioner, 15% ring die specifications, and 5% cooling and drying.

Conditioner plays an very more important role in the production of shrimp and aquafeeds as it provides the feed with better water stability which is an essential part to these types of feeds.


High efficiency first tier gearbox driving.  

Full stainless steel feeder, varied pitch bridge-proof structure with imported inverter control feeding  

Jacketed stainless steel made conditioner, axis direction steam injection to increase cooking time and efficiency   

Door cover and chute are full stainless steel, anti-corrosion and long life service 

suitable high grade poultry feed, normal aquafeed, high grade aquafeed production.

customized single, triple or multiple conditioners to satisfy varied raw material 

The applications of high grade feed pellet mill:

1. Animal including ruminant, livestock, poultry, cattle, chicken and broiler.

2. Aqua such as floating fish, sinking fish, crab and shrimp.

Below are models for choosing: 

Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Power of conditionerPower of feederInner dia of die
pellet size

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