Global feed mill experience combined with local know-how
Global Feed Mill Experience Combined With Local Know-How
Global Feed Mill Experience Combined With Local Know-How

Global feed mill experience combined with local know-how

Make idea happened. 

ATS as main feed machine brands in China and engaged in this industry for more than 20years. Our rich experience will make your idea to realized and happened both with our china local market and overseas market combined experience.  

Show us your detailed requirement, we give optimal solution 

Your objectives are always our priorities, we want to know all client background to give customized service, business style, quality expectation, required type of feed, just keep everything clear and transparent to us, we will make your business successful. 

Engineering design 

Our engineering team are expert in feed mill design for more than 20 years, they will make all ideas happened with their know- how and give customized engineering design, tailored to your needs and local conditions. What you need to do is totally feel at ease and rely on our engineers.

Guaranteeing excellent quality and reliable machines

ATS machine manufactured at our facilities in liyang city( feed machine base in china), our feed machine technology always newest in Market, because we are at the forefront of feed machine industry, our technology keep developed in quite fast way. 

Project management, all-round service   

We recognize the importance of personal communication and provide a direct line of contact between your project site and our main office. ATS project management will make you ease in mind and all your requirements are taken care. Join us with team whatsapp group or wechat group for instant message communication. 

Whatsapp: 008613921060980  

Helping your people become experienced operator  

Capacity and lifetime of feed mill always relate to operators’ skill, to help you maximize the capacity in your feed mill and prolong lifetime of machines, ATS advantages include on-site training of your employees from initial start-up to commercial production. If you required, we can also carry out a site survey to acquire the best performance of machine according to local situation.  


After-sales-service to guarantee your continued success 

After your feed mill is running, operating efficiently and profitably is core priority! After-sales-service is key : Regular maintenance, reliable service, fast response times and the availability of spare parts are crucial when it comes to limiting costs, decreasing downtimes, raising revenues and thus overall performance, we will give all-round after-sales-service to guarantee your continued success. 


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