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Hammer Mill
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Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

This series hammer mill is simple and compact structure, firm and durable, safe and reliable, easy installed , convenient operation, tiny vibration and high capacity. 

Crush granular raw material such as corn , sorghum, wheat, barley, soybean etc., 

Steel sheet welding structure, motor and rotor are installed on same base. 

Rotor is tested by Dynamic balance check 

Safe operation door to ensure door can't be pen when operation 

Inlet at top of hammer mill, convenient operation. 

Inside hammer mill, the spare parts are screen and hammer beater.

Screen with holes, this will decide grinding fineness - mm or mesh , such as 100mesh, it means crushed powder will go through 100 holes per 1 square inch. 

Here are below models of hammer mill for choosing:

Rotor dia1120mm1120mm1120mm1120mm1120mm1120mm
Rotor width290mm290mm380mm380mm500mm500mm
Main shaft speed1480rpm1480rpm1480rpm1480rpm1480rpm1480rpm
Power (kw)557590110132160
Capacity (T/P)8-1210-1413-1716-2020-2424-28

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