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Some Misunderstandings In Process Of Purchasing Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

Jan. 28, 2019

Myth 1: Since many customers just know about this industry, they don't know much about this Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill industry. When purchasing equipment, they want to choose equipment with small power and large capacity. But if there is not enough power, how can the capacity be achieved? Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you can't just listen to some small companies boasting, you have to go to the factory to inspect, test the machine, and then make decisions.

Myth 2: Only pay attention to the price of Feed Pelletizer Machine. Since the ancient times, the price of one point is worth the price. The product with high price is not necessarily the best, but the quality of the product purchased at a low price will not be the best. Reasonable price is the basis for the manufacturer of wood pellet machine to ensure the tracking of three-package service and accessories for user equipment, and it is the guarantee of quality and work effect. Although the price is too low to win the market and users, this is just a replay of the story of drinking and quenching thirst. Misunderstanding 3: I don't know the configuration of the equipment, because the wood pellet machine is a high-power equipment. The assembly tolerance requirements for the motor, reducer and electric control cabinet are very strict. Some manufacturers do it in order to cater to the customer and configure the equipment. Very low, just use the price to attract customers will result in the quality of the equipment is not up to standard, and ultimately the customer is still paying, so customers must observe the configuration of the equipment when purchasing equipment, to avoid being deceived. With the rectification of the country's energy and environment, the consumption of biomass particles in China is now more than a year. With the area where the biomass particles were completely unknown, they have gradually invested in this industry. The industry belongs to an emerging industry and is also an industry with wide effects.

Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

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