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Why Does The Product Of Poultry Feed Granulator Not Form?

Feb. 22, 2019

In the process of environmentally friendly Poultry Feed Granulator, we often find that the product produced during the operation of the machine will not form. This is mainly because the extruded particles are very loose and cannot even be pressed into particles. So, do you know the factors that do not shape the Feed Pelletizer? The water content of the material: The wood chip itself has sufficient water content during the granulation process.

Therefore, when using it, be sure to pay attention to the addition of moisture. The water content is generally required to be below 20%. Of course, this value is not absolute, and different raw material requirements are different. Doing straw granulation like pine, fir, eucalyptus Our granule machine requires water in 13%~17%. You can contact our professionals for targeted solutions.

The principle of the pellet machine, in the production activities, we mainly have different wood fiber structure, so the difficulty of molding is different, and sometimes it is not formed. More difficult materials such as palm.

Another is that if it is a mixture, the mixing ratio of various ingredients will also affect the molding rate. The factors of the straw pellet machine. The compression ratio is a parameter of the pellet machine mold and refers to the length of the mold hole divided by the aperture. The larger the compression ratio, the thicker the template, the longer the material is compressed, and the higher the molding rate of the particles.

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