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How To Adjust The Ring Mode Of Cattle Feed Pelletizer?

Feb. 19, 2019

The ring mode adjustment of the Cattle Feed Pelletizer is followed by several simple rules which will lengthen the die and maximize the productivity from the die. Do not hit the die with a hammer or drop it on a hard surface without using a stamper. If the installation of the stamper is strong, please use a plastic hammer or the head block. The stamp is held on the spindle by the key and held in place by the stamp holder.

For proper installation, the mold and the spindle have a clean surface, and care is very important. The stamper must always be used to hold the stamper steadily. A worn die holder or shaft pad is not likely to be safe and stable. Loose fit at this point can result in warping and excessive stress on the stamper, press roll and drive train. If the shaft pad is damaged, it should be replaced.

When installing a new stamper, use a measuring instrument to inspect the stamper holder. It is shipped with the new stamper. Magnets, cutters, and other clean devices are critical to the life of the die.

The Livestock Feed Granulator units are regularly cleaned and inspected to ensure they are constantly removing metals and other materials from the feed. Regular inspection of the stamper due to foreign matter is particularly desirable. The iron scraps that have been embedded in the stamper should be removed by punching or punching from the outer end of the die hole. The nursery of the mold is the same as the nursery of the pistol. The die holes are carefully machined and highly polished.

If you want to maintain the maximum granulation capacity, you must take care of the surface of the die hole. If the granulator is parked for more than half an hour or if the stamper is replaced, the stamper should be filled with the oily mixture. When the stamper is removed from the granulator, it is stored in a dry area. When taking over the new stamper, store it in a dry place to prevent rust.

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