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How Can Current Wood Pellet Mill Be Improved Compared To Conventional One?

Dec. 19, 2018

Wood Pellet Mill, which belongs to feed processing equipment, and with the continuous advancement of technology, this equipment is constantly improving and perfecting. Therefore, compared with the traditional type, it is improved in some aspects. Perfect, in particular, the main ones are:

(1) It has been broadened in the selection of raw material types because it can produce a variety of raw materials such as wood chips, straw and chaff, which is the production of biomass pellets.

(2) In the production technology of the equipment, it adopts various forming technologies such as cold press forming or extrusion molding, and through some integral molding processes, the finished product, that is, the aesthetics of the biomass particles is improved. And the structural compactness has also improved.

(3) The energy consumption is low, the running noise is small, and the failure rate is low, so the output can be greatly improved. And, it is possible to achieve continuous production.

(4) In the Wood Grinder of wood pellet machine, the key and important part is to use high-quality alloy steel and wear-resistant materials, which can prolong its service life. Thereby extending the life of the pellet machine as a whole.

Wood Pellet Mill

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