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Trend Of Sinking Fish Feed Pelletizer

Aug. 24, 2018

In recent years, China's fish feed pellet machine aqua feed pelletizer industry has been leaping forward. The direct cause is that the domestic aquaculture industry has continued to grow at a high rate. As we all know, China is currently the world's largest aquaculture producer and the world. The only country in which the aquaculture production exceeds the catch production.

At present, China's total aquatic product production accounts for about 35% of the global total, of which aquatic product aquaculture production accounts for 2/3 of the global aquaculture production, and has been ranked first in the world for 13 consecutive years. Aquaculture production accounts for such a high proportion, which is unique among the world's major fishing nations.

The sinking fish feed pelletizer adopts a combined spindle, which can adapt to different materials puffing processing, processing whole grain corn, soybean, simple supporting facilities, convenient operation and maintenance. The fish feed pellet machine is widely used for puffing soybeans, corn, suckling pigs and other livestock and poultry materials, and rice bran is fresh, which is an ideal equipment for feed processing enterprises.

The extruded feed pellets produced by the fish feed pellet machine are formed neatly and smoothly, and the floating water surface does not sink for more than 12 hours, does not pollute the water source, and sterilizes to reduce fish diseases.

Sinking Fish Feed Pelletizer

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