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Significance Of Pellet Machines 

Aug. 15, 2018

1. From the perspective of energy security, the use of feed pelletizer enables renewable energy to be continuously reused, and can deal with the problem of continuous shortage of energy resources.

2. Open up the renewable power of applying rural areas, increase the income of farmers, improve the rural situation, and accelerate the urbanization process of the countryside.

3. The development of renewable power can constitute a new economic growth point, reforming the property structure, promoting economic growth, changing employment, and promoting economic and social development.

4. From the perspective of environmental maintenance, the use of pellet machines can improve the deteriorating ecological environment in China and effectively alleviate the current situation of environmental pollution gain.

5. The use of crab feed pellet mill can accelerate the development of renewable energy sources, implement the scientific development concept, and establish the fundamental development requirements of a capital-saving society.

The main points and methods of choosing a feed pellet machine:

1. Transmission mode: The shaft type transmission should be selected, because the shaft type feed pellet machine has large torque and strong anti-overload capability, and the production process will not be overloaded due to the addition of fibrous feed such as grass powder. The drive is easy to slip and the card machine.

2, the material of the pressure roller and the template: the pressure roller and the template of the good feed pellet machine are made of chrome-manganese-titanium alloy, which has strong wear resistance and long service life. The general material of the pressure roller and the template can not process much of the feed particles will wear very much.

3, wide adaptability: can process different materials, different livestock feed pellets.

feed pellet mill

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