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Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill Also Needs Regular Maintenance

Dec. 28, 2018

1. For the crushing parts of the Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill, it is necessary to use the "lithium grease" model for 2 times of lubrication and oil maintenance, and spread the entire pressing part with both hands. Discharge the old grease, don't throw it away, save it. After precipitation, it can be used again.

2. Spindle parts of Ruminant Feed Pellet Mill, you can also use "lithium grease", just refueling once a day. The amount of "lithium grease" used is not much.

3. Gearbox components, this component is especially important. It requires the use of "hyperbolic gear oil", noting that "hyperbolic gear oil" is not "lithium grease". The first refueling must be added to the specified position, and the oil used for six months of repeated recycling needs to be updated.

Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

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