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Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill Composition

Sep. 29, 2018


The feeder is composed of a speed regulating motor, a speed reducer, a hammer barrel and a twisted shaft.

The speed regulating motor of Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill is composed of a three-phase asynchronous AC motor, a eddy current clutch and a tachogenerator. It is used together with the JZT controller to change its output speed through the JDIA type electromagnetic speed regulating motor controller.


The feeding reducer adopts a cycloidal pinwheel reducer with a deceleration speed ratio of 1.10, which is directly connected with the speed regulating motor to reduce the effective speed of the feeding auger between 12 and 120 rpm.

Feeding auger

The feeding auger on Animal Feed Pelletizer is composed of a twisted dragon barrel, a twisted shaft and a seated bearing. The auger acts as a feed and the speed is adjustable, ie the feed rate is variable to achieve the rated current and output. The auger shaft can be withdrawn from the right end of the auger cylinder for cleaning and overhaul.

Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

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