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What Is The Potential Of Ruminant Feed Production Line?

Aug. 17, 2018

After pulverizing the dried crop straws, the lignin is softened by technical measures such as fermentation granulation, and the crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat and the like are degraded into substances which are easily digested and absorbed by the livestock, and a large amount of bacteria are also produced during fermentation. The protein becomes soft and ripe after fermentation, and the granulation increases the palatability of the poultry, increases the content of crude protein, sugar and fat, and produces vitamins and growth factors such as B\C\D\E, and then with other raw materials. The mixed configuration is such that the full-price feed is pressed into a nutrient-rich feed pellet by the ruminant feed production line, so that the feed intake of the poultry is greatly increased and the growth is accelerated.

The use of cattle feed granulator to process straw for raising livestock is no longer a new topic. In some places and people in China, there is a consensus that straw farming has formed a boom. The people use straw biodegradation to feed pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, or directly press the granules to feed cattle and sheep, which not only reduces food input (equivalent per ton of straw feed) The nutritional value of 270kg of grain feed) saves on feed costs and increases the income of farmers. Let the previously discarded straw be valuable, and effectively protect the environment.

Ruminant Feed Production Line

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