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How To Control Moisture During Process Of Ruminant Feed Pellet Mill?

Sep. 12, 2018

The Ruminant Feed Pellet Mill process is a key part of the feed processing process, and the loss of moisture in this process cannot be ignored. Through the comparison of the moisture content of the feed mill sifter before and after pulverization, it was found that the water loss increased significantly with the decrease of the pulverization particle size. Similarly, the comparison of moisture content of materials with different gradient moisture content before and after pulverization found that with the increase of moisture content of the material, the water loss of the powder after pulverization increased, the maximum loss of moisture was close to 1%, and the pulverization efficiency was significantly reduced. The energy consumption has increased significantly.

After the ultrafine pulverization of the shrimp material, the particle size of 98% can exceed 80 mesh. At present, the fish material is mostly used in aqua feed pelletizer, and the mesh size of the sieve is 1.0-1.5 mm. The size of the air volume can be adjusted for a pulverizer equipped with a vacuum suction and a damper adjustment device. Compared with the moisture loss of the material before and after crushing, it is found that the air volume has a significant impact on the production efficiency, while the water loss has no significant effect, but with the increase of the air volume, the water loss still has an increasing trend.

After the corn was crushed, the water loss by mechanical transportation was 0.22%, and the pneumatic transportation loss was 0.95%. Most of the shrimp materials are ultra-fine pulverization without nets. They are transported by pneumatic suction. Most of the fish are crushed and then used for mechanical transportation using auger (spiral hoist).

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