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Precautions For Handling Chicken Feed Granulator

Aug. 31, 2018

1. The Chicken Feed Granulator operation is first of all preparation work. The plastic to be extruded should pay attention to the problem of drying. The material should reach the required dryness, it is necessary to carry out further drying, and it must be forced to sieve to remove the particles. And mechanical impurities.

2. When operating the machine, it depends on whether the various systems in the equipment are normal, to ensure that all the machines are running normally, whether the water vapor road is unblocked, other such as heating system, temperature control, and whether the instruments are normal last night. Whether the lubrication part of each equipment is enough, if problems are found, it should be cleared in time.

3. Install the machine head and install the equipment in order.

4. Then you can operate the device in Chicken Feed Mill Plant.

5. When the temperature reaches stability, the production can be started. Before driving, the granulator bolts should be tightened again. Because the machine parts have the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the order is diagonally tightened and the force should be even.

6. When operating the production, slowly rotate the screw rotation speed button, wait until the screw is slowly started, and then gradually accelerate, adding a small amount of material. Pay close attention to the changes of each ammeter and various indicators before feeding. In the table, you must not cross the red mark. Before the plastic is squeezed out, everyone can't stand in front of the die to avoid injury. After the plastic is extruded, it is necessary to wait until it is gradually cooled before introducing the traction device and simultaneously starting the device. Then according to the standard of the extruded product, it is appropriate to see if it is adjusted accordingly so that the entire extrusion operation reaches a normal condition. It can be produced normally while maintaining a uniform feed

Handling Chicken Feed Granulator

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