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Technical Advantages Of Poultry Feed Mill Plant

Sep. 19, 2018

1. Avoid animal picky eaters. The compound feed formula has a variety of raw materials and is comprehensive in nutrition, which prevents the animal from picking up the favorite food from the powder and refuses to ingest other ingredients. Since the Poultry Feed Mill Plant can be kept uniform during storage and feeding, the feed loss can be reduced by 8% to 10%.

2. High return on feed. In the granulation process, due to the combined action of moisture, temperature and pressure, some physical and chemical reactions occur in the feed, gelatinization of the starch, and enhanced activity of the enzyme, which enables the fed animal to digest the feed more efficiently and convert it into an increase in body weight. .

3. Storage and transportation are more economical. After granulation, the bulk density of the feed is generally increased by 40%-100%, which can reduce the storage capacity and save transportation costs.

4. Good liquidity and easy management. Many powders are especially velvet feeds with a small specific gravity, and feeds containing molasses or high fat and urea are often adhered to the stock. Due to the good fluidity of the pellet feed, there is little sticking, and for those farms that use automated feeders to raise cows or poultry on a large scale, Chicken Feed Granulator is very popular.

5. Avoid automatic grading of feed ingredients and reduce environmental pollution.

6. Kill Salmonella in animal feed. Salmonella is retained in animal tissues when it is ingested by animals. People who eat this bacteria can get Salmonella gastrointestinal problems. The method of re-granulation by steam high-temperature quenching and tempering can kill the presence of Salmonella in animal feed.

Poultry Feed Mill Plant

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