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Poultry Feed Mill Plant Is Not Only Compressed Volume

Nov. 06, 2018

In the new era, the new Poultry Feed Mill Plant is an environmentally friendly fuel product in the field of environmental protection in modern society. The prototype of these pellet fuels is some sawdust, branches, corn stover, straw straw, hibiscus, sawdust and other waste materials, which are crushed and baked. After drying, the granules were pressed using a wood pellet machine. The low cost, high calorific value and environmental protection of coal fuel are the choice of biomass boiler. It can not only be used as fuel, but also can be used as organic fertilizer fluffy soil. Nowadays, many flower markets are using straw organic fertilizer particles. , has a great market prospect.

Broiler Feed Production Line is one of the quality products in the series of biomass pellet forming and construction. The paradox is the essence of energy saving from energy efficiency. He not only handles the difficulties of depositing and punishing corn stalks, cotton straw, straw straw, hibiscus, wood flour, sawdust, peanut shells, rice husks, etc., which are thrown away in rural areas, but also turns waste into treasure. Both have environmental benefits.

The granulating machine processes these materials into granules not only to change the physical time, but to move in accordance with the inner situation. This is the focus, not only the volume but also the ignition value.

Poultry Feed Mill Plant

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