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Pellet Mills ' Shopping Tips

Jun. 15, 2018

Pellet Mill is core machine,its quality and performance will effect whole line too much and decide the quality of feed.Tell us about the tips for purchasing pellet mill:

1, with the parent machine, double screw feed.

2, gear box is better, the gear inside must be heat-treated, bearing adjustable.

3, reducer and motor purchase professional manufacturer of the suit, do not buy granulator manufacturers own assembly.

4, there must be distribution cabinets.

5, there must be supporting the waste plastic washing machine, the use of recycled water, no discharge of sewage.

6, the model must not be small 100, the greater the higher the output.

7, have double exhaust.

We also produce Chicken Feed Pellet Mill, if you need, please contact us.

Chicken Feed Pellet Mill

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