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Which Ones Will Affect The Performance Of The Hammer Mill?

Dec. 07, 2018

1. Crushed material

If the materials are different, then their composition and performance are definitely different. There must be some differences. Therefore, the degree of difficulty in being crushed is also different. In general, loosely structured materials are more easily comminuted than structurally dense materials.

2. The pulverizer itself

(1) Hammer thickness and density

In terms of the thickness of the Hammer Mill, it is mainly not too thin, so a rectangular hammer of 5-6 mm is generally used. The density is mainly determined by what is used for pulverization, the coarse pulverization density is low, and the fine pulverization is high.

(2) Hammer screen clearance of Shrimp Feed Pellet Mill

Its size is mainly to look at the diameter of the sieve hole and the type of the material to be pulverized, which should be taken as a good value.

3. Auxiliary equipment

In this respect, there are mainly fans and pulses, and all should be chosen.

Hammer Mill

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