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Advantage Of Feed Production Line

Nov. 01, 2018

The purpose of Feed Production Line is to make finely divided, dusty, unpalatable and difficult to feed feeds into larger granules using heat, moisture and pressure. Granulation prevents feed ingredients from being fractionated during mixing, transportation, and feeding, preserving nutrition, and reducing waste.

Cattle Feed Pelletizer has the following benefits in livestock farming compared to feeding the same formula:

1. The feed conversion rate is increased by 10%, and the ratio of feed to meat is increased;

2. Avoid picking up food and poultry to achieve balanced nutrition;

3. Increase density and reduce storage and transportation costs;

4. Good fluidity and convenient feeding;

5. Reduce feed loss caused by feeding process, livestock and poultry food and natural environment;

6. Effectively kill Salmonella in feed to meet green feed requirements;

Feed Production Line

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