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What Feed Pelletizer Machine Will Be Used In Large Farms?

Dec. 17, 2018

1. Feed testing equipment

For feed ingredients, some inspection work is required before use to ensure the quality of the feed ingredients, thus ensuring the quality of the feed. Therefore, for this type of equipment, Shrimp Feed Granulator Manufacturer, the main ones are moisture measurement equipment, and quality analysis equipment.

2. Feed production and processing equipment

For this type of equipment, there are many kinds in the category. So, specifically, what are there?

Feed Pelletizer Machine: It is mainly used for crushing work, and it is a kind of mechanical equipment that is used more. The types are mainly three types: roll type, hammer type and claw type.

Feed mixer: It is used for mixing operation. In form, there are two types: vertical and horizontal. Moreover, it has its own characteristics and scope of use, so the feed processing equipment factory recommends that it should be selected according to actual needs.

Further, in addition to the above two, there are a feed granulator and the like. For the feed granulator, the application is mainly for the granulation operation of the feed, so that the feed has a good molding state, so that it can be fully utilized, and the nutritive value of the feed can be improved well, and is convenient. Feeding work.

Feed Pelletizer Machine

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