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Precautions For Disassembly Of Feed Mill Equipment

Nov. 08, 2018

The Feed Mill Equipment is used by the farmers to create the feed. The feed pellet machine is bought from the manufacturer and is damaged. Regarding the farmers who had just manipulated the pellet machine, the installation, commissioning and disassembly of the feed were a problem of contrasting poverty.

1. Before the disassembly, the soil and oil should be cleared, and the process should be pure and clean during the disassembly process.

2, use the appropriate things when disassembling, do not have to hit hard, so as not to damage or deform parts.

3. Disassemble according to the requirements, disassemble as little as possible, and do not disassemble.

4. Plan for installation when disassembling. In order to improve the assembly consequences and ensure the accuracy of the assembly, attention should be paid to the improvement of the recording and marking.

5, to dismantle according to a reasonable number of times, usually from the attachment to the main part of Livestock Feed Pelletizer, from the outside to the inside, the whole machine is first disassembled into the assembly, and then the assembly is dismantled and the parts are disassembled into parts.

6. After the parts are disassembled, they should be classified according to the nature of the materials and the delicate water of the parts.

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