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Feed Granulator Disassembly Precautions

Aug. 21, 2018

1. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to dismantle the feed hood of feed granulator. It is only necessary to open the observation port on the granulation chamber to check the working condition of the pressure roller.

2. If you need to replace the pressure roller or replace the mold for feed pelletizer machine, you need to remove the feed cover and the pressure wheel housing to unscrew the upper screws and nuts, then unscrew the lock nut on the main shaft and lift the pressure roller assembly. The belt is lifted and lifted out of the pressure wheel housing, and then screwed to the process hole on the mold plate with two lifting screws, lifted by the lifting belt, and the other side of the mold is used in reverse.

3. If the pressure roller or the pressure roller bearing needs to be replaced, the outer sealing cover on the pressure roller needs to be removed, the round nut on the pressure roller shaft is removed, and the pressure roller bearing is driven out from the inside and the outside, the bearing is removed. After the next step, the medicine needs to be replaced or not replaced (cleaned with diesel oil), the inner hole of the pressure wheel should be kept clean, and then the pressure wheel assembly can be installed in reverse order.

Feed Granulator

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