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Iran client visit us for crab feed mill plant

Apr. 25, 2018

Place : Liyang city, Jiangsu province, China

Subject: Iran client visit us for crab feed mill plant

Iran is good market for both poultry and aqua feed, so feed mill has been running good business in Iran in past 20years. Now its market seems more prosperous than before. Clients numbers increase for purchasing animal feed mill plant, ruminant feed mill plant, livestock feed mill plant and poultry feed mill plant from china.

Now this Iran client are much interested in building crab feed mill plant, its capacity is 2tph crab feed mill plant, main machines SSHJ2D model mixer , SFSP-Y66*60 model hammer mill , SWFL110 model pulverizer , SZLH508b2 model pellet mill.

Client are very satisfied with our proposal and will come back to us after review in office back to Iran.

For newcomer CLIENT into feed industry in Iran market, some normal knowledge need to be kept in mind, which is feed mill consist of main machine such as hammer mill, mixer, pellet mill, cooler, crumbler, rotary sifter and packing scale. Different model chose depends on varied capacity required by client.

Formula of feed is another factor decides feed mill equipment and design of feed production line. If client can provide rough formula of feed, it is better to make engineer to draw out perfect process flow.

We will show more knowledge of pellet machine and feed mill plant in future. Please keep attention to our update news in our official website.

Iran client visit us for crab feed mill plant

animal feed mill plant, pellet machine

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