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Chicken Feed Is Very Important For Mixing

Oct. 23, 2018

Commonly used mixers for mechanical mixing are vertical and horizontal. The vertical mixer with Chicken Feed Pellet Mill is suitable for mixing powdery feed with water content below 14%. If the water content is too much, it is not easy to mix evenly. The mixer requires less power, low price and convenient maintenance, but the mixing time is longer (usually 10 to 20 minutes per batch), which is suitable for chicken professional households and small chicken farms. The horizontal mixer can evenly mix the feed when the climate is relatively humid or when the ingredients are added with strong viscosity (such as grease). The Poultry Feed Pelletizer has strong mixing ability and short mixing time, each batch is 3 to 4 minutes, mainly used in some feed processing plants.

Manual mixing This method is the main means of mixing feed in the family. When mixing, be careful and patient, prevent some trace components from pile up, agglomerate, and uneven mixing, which will affect the feeding effect. Special attention should be paid to hand-mixing, which is a small amount of ingredients that are small in the diet but can seriously affect the feeding effect, such as salt and various additives. If the mixing is uneven, the lighter affects the feeding effect, and in severe cases, the chickens may cause disease, poisoning, and even death. For such trace components, it should be fully pulverized at the time of mixing, and there should be no agglomeration. The chunks should not be evenly mixed, and poisoning may occur after being eaten by the chicken.

Chicken Feed Pellet Mill

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