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What Is More Important On Cattle Feed Production Line?

Nov. 30, 2018

1. Can Cattle Feed Production Line be used in aquaculture?

Cattle Feed Production Line, which can be used in aquaculture, so, the answer to this question, is, its main representative, is for the aquatic feed puffing machine, its finished product, is for the puffing fruit. Moreover, it can be used as feed for aquatic animals and aquatic ornamental animals for a long time.

2.260 granule feed machine, is it a Livestock Feed Mill Plant? What is the output of its pellet feed per hour?

260 granule feed machine, no doubt, it belongs to feed machinery and equipment, and, its motor power, different manufacturers, is different, but in general, are above 11 kilowatts. This model of pellet feed machine, its output per hour pellet feed, is 400 to 600 kilograms.

3. Spiral reamer, which belongs to what cutting tool, in the feed machinery and equipment? In addition, straw pellet machine, its price, what is to see mainly?

Spiral reamer, on this, if viewed from a professional perspective, then, it is a hole processing tool, in the feed machinery equipment. And feed machinery equipment in the 

Cattle Feed Production Line

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