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The Importance Of Crushing Particle Size To The Crushing Process

Oct. 15, 2018

The feed pulverization particle size is used to indicate the average particle size after the feed is pulverized, reflecting the degree of pulverization of the Cattle Feed Pelletizer. The particle size of the spherical pellet feed is its diameter, and the particle size of the non-spherical pellet feed has various representations such as the percentage residue on the sieve, the arithmetic mean particle diameter method, and the geometric mean particle diameter method. The current measurement method has two layers of sieves. The method, the four-layer sieve method, the eight-layer sieve method, the fourteen-layer sieve method, and the fourteen-layer sieve method have very accurate results, but the measurement and calculation are troublesome and the workload is large. Therefore, studies have shown that the four-layer screening method can replace the fourteen-layer screening method within an acceptable range of accuracy.

In the process of Livestock Feed Production Line, the pulverization particle size is controlled mainly by the hammer linear velocity, the hammer sieve gap, the thickness and number of the hammer, the sieve diameter, and the thickness of the sieve. Conversely, the difference in the pulverization granularity also affects the selection of these parameters and equipment. Similarly, the comminution granularity determines a range of facility equipment usage and operations, as well as process and method determination. It can be seen that determining the crushing size is the basis of the crushing process, and it is the cornerstone of the whole feed processing process, which plays a decisive role. This also makes the crushing link one of the essential and irreplaceable main links in the processing.

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