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About Cattle Feed Granulator

Jul. 23, 2018

The cattle feed granulator itself is homogenized by the rapid mixing of the mixture by the high-speed agitator, the auxiliary scraper and the barrel rotation. Under these combined effects, the middle and lower parts of the mixing drum form a multi-dimensional design, so that the mixture is continuously displaced during the process, and a strong shearing action of the stirring device forms a flow effect of up and down rotation in the mixing drum. This cycle is repeated to form a granulation effect.

High-tech materials:

Mixed granulation of organic, inorganic, ceramic, etc.

2 Plastic industry: dispersion, wetting, and disintegration of fillers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments.

3 Environmental protection industry: Mixed granulation on solid waste treatment lines such as sludge and waste coal ash.

4 other: Zirconium dioxide, dry granulation, and the like.

Shrimp feed granulator features:

(1) Mixing, mixing and granulation are completed in one step, the equipment is efficient and the production is quick.

(2) Strong mixing and mixing to prevent solid block formation.

(3) A variety of shape stirring devices are available, with superior shearing capacity.

(4) High-precision mixing effect, which can quickly and evenly disperse the work.

(5) The particle size is uniform and can be repeatedly produced, and the gap between the pellets is almost zero.

(6) Wide adaptability, can be used for the granulation process in the industry.

Cattle Feed Granulator

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