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Precautions Of Using Broiler Feed Pelletizer

Sep. 03, 2018

1. The length of the Broiler Feed Pelletizer can adjust the upper and lower position of the cutting knife.

2. If the template is changed, the hopper can be removed, the cylinder is removed, the pressure roller and the cutter are removed, the boring cap on the spindle is unscrewed, and the flat mold is hoisted with the accessory “tensioner”. (The template can be used on both sides, generally in After processing 50,000 jin, use it to turn over, and use 105A type 25,000 jin to turn over).

3. For safe production, when the cover is removed, the power must be turned off, the machine switch must be turned off, and the template of the pressure roller can be touched by hand and other tools.

4. When the Poultry Feed Production Line is rolled to 20,000 kg of decompression wheel for cleaning and maintenance of copper lubricant, a comprehensive maintenance and refueling will be carried out every six months.

5 105A type single-phase motor, please ensure 220V voltage.

6. Install the grounding device with the pole of the motor.

7. For models that use electric motors, customers must install overload protection devices.

Broiler Feed Pelletizer

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