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We supply aqua feed pellet mill with high quality

Jun. 21, 2018

Shrimps have balanced nutrition, soft meat and are easy to digest so they are beneficial to asthenics. The high content of magnesium can regulate cardiac activity, protect cardiovascular system and prevent hypertension and myocardial infarction. Rich phosphorus and calcium are good to children and pregnant woman. So shrimp products get more and more popularity. This causes the rapid development of intensive shrimp farming. Feed costs of shrimps account for a large proportion in shrimp farming. So shrimp breeders seek top quality feeds. Researches show that feed pellets made by aqua feed pellet mill is widely used around the world.

Aqua feed pellet mill is produced based on the shrimps’ features and nutrition needs, mix raw materials evenly according to a certain proportion, then form the final pellets through many feed processing. Aquatic feed pellets are especially made according to shrimps’ physiological character so they are the best choice for shrimp farming.

We also produce and wholesale wood pellet mill and animal feed pellet mill. Hope you will contact us for the products.

We supply aqua feed pellet mill with high quality


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