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Aqua Feed Pellet Mill Related Equipment

Oct. 30, 2018

1. Finished product inspection sieve--cleaning of powder before granulation;

2, to be granulated warehouse + buffer bucket;

3, feeder (single, double-headed spiral, full, half pitch, frequency control);

4, the conditioner (low speed 125 rev / min high speed 125-500 rev / min) (also has frequency conversion speed application);

Single-axis paddle, dual-axis paddle (DDC), (jacketed insulation, hot armor)

5, Aqua Feed Pellet Mill;

Ring mode (compression ratio 1:5-22)

The quality of the ring mold largely determines the quality of the pellets and the cost of pelletizing.

6. Cooler: The temperature of the Biomass Pelletizer leaving the granulator is generally above 80 °C, and the moisture content is 14-18%. It must be cooled and dried for easy storage. Generally, it should be cooled to not more than room temperature 5 °C. (depending on effective cooling time and air volume, etc.)

7. Crusher: used in the production of broken granules, generally used for seedlings and seedlings;

8. Grading sieve: Screening out the powder and large impurities in the cooled finished product

(According to the reasonable size of the screen, the sieve size is preferred. The equipment is preferably equipped with a three-layer sieve. The output reserve is large and the screening effect is good!)

Aqua Feed Pellet Mill

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