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Do you need aqua feed granulator?

May. 29, 2018

The aqua feed granulator is widely used for process all kinds of grains into high-grade aquatic floating feed pellet for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab. It also can make pet feed for dog, cat etc with different shape and chicken feed.

Features of feed granulator:

1. The fish feed pellets can float on water for over 20 hours. And sinking and floating aqua-feed pellets both can be made just by adjusting the feed formulation.

2. Pellet diameter is 0.9mm-15mm by changing the mold. The cutter can cutting the pellets into different length.

3. The feeding speed, cutting speed, temperature all can be adjusted.

4.The machine also can make feed for pet like dog, cat with different shapes and we can customized the shape for you.

5. The raw material is: Flour, corn meal, soybean meal, maize meal, meat meal, bone meal, fish meal etc.

Do you need aqua feed granulator?


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