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The advantages of our animal feed mill plant

Jul. 16, 2018

Chenfeng knows your needs for high productivity and low costs. Our animal feed mill plant is guaranteed to increase your production capacity by 15 percent over belt driven equipment. Our gear drive design provides you with minimal impact on slowdowns and cuts power usage so you save money.

Chenfeng can produce animal feed mill plant for large capacity pellet mill and poultry feed mill operations. Our equipment can increase your productivity to as much as 42 tons per hour per machine for palletized feed for poultry, cattle other livestock.

The advantage you get in high through put rates, low maintenance, and lower costs are due to our design and knowledge of the livestock feed and animal feed business.

The advantages of our animal feed mill plant are:

1. A self contained and fully enclosed gear box that minimizes down time and maintenance.

2. Ten percent improved output due to the standard self control in all our equipment.

3. An alarm control moisture detection system that improves the quality of your product and protects the equipment from damage due to excess moisture.

4. You get the perfect ripening time due to the design of our dual-shaft differential conditioner.

5. Your feed receives the perfect amount of moisture through our multiple port steam conditioner providing you with the right amount of moisture according to your specifications.

6. A large hatch on the conditioner reduces maintenance and cleaning times.

7. Our advanced design in the gear drive provides longer operating times and reduced maintenance that lasts up to 30,000 hours of operating time.

8. Our redesigned safety pin provides easier maintenance and the highest possible safety.

9. The pellet cutting quality and the service life of the cutting blade have been increased by a redesign of the cutting blade and a larger cover.

10. External lubrication and cooling systems provide longer equipment life and reduce maintenance time.

11. Roller gap adjustment can be done during operation so down time is reduced.

More details about animal feed mill plant such as ruminant, livestock, poultry, aqua, floating fish, sinking fish, cattle, chicken, broiler, crab and shrimp feed mill plant via www.atspelletmill.com

The advantages of our animal feed mill plant

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