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Application and features of animal feed granulator

Jul. 12, 2018

This animal feed granulator can not only be used in small, medium or large poultry farm but also can be used at home. This kind of feed pellet machine is mainly used to make animal feed like chicken food pellet, duck food pellet, fish feed pellet, sheep feed, and so on. Raw materials can be alfalfa, grass meal, straw meal, corn meal, rice husk and so on

Features of animal feed granulator:

1. Feed and grass meal can be directly made into pellet without adding any liquid materials.the feed goes in and out dryly. So it does not need to be dryed.

2. The pellet is highly strong and smooth.

3. The temperature is about 70℃ in process,so the protein freezes, the nutritional value increases and is easy to absorbed for animals.

Application and features of animal feed granulator


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