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Animal feed granulator with a high speed mixer

Jul. 04, 2018

While the traditional approach to animal feed granulator has served the industry for a long time, our proprietary approach to the granulation of Mono-Calcium Phosphate (MCP), Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP), and De-Fluorinated Phosphate (DFP) yields an improved product with greater uniformity and overall crush strength.

Through the use of our high-speed mixer as a pre-mixing step, a more intimate mixture of the feed materials is created, resulting in a more thorough reaction and subsequently, improved product characteristics.

In addition to the high-speed mixer and animal feed granulator, we can also provide rotary dryers and coolers, as well as support equipment such as screens.

Systems can be provided for capacities up to 50 MTPH and can be automated with a PLC-based control system, motor control center, and instrumentation.

If you need animal feed granulators such as livestock feed granulator, poultry feed granulator, floating fish feed granulator, sinking fish feed granulator and cattle feed granulator.

Animal feed granulator with a high speed mixer


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