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Shipment of Feed Machines Export To Taiwan

Feb. 13, 2017

Place : Liyang city, ATS company’s workshop 

Time: 2017-2-13

Subject: shipment of feed machines export to Taiwan

On 13th Feb. 2017, we loaded containers (1x40’HQ) for shipment to Taiwan. 

This is 2nd time of cooperation with Our Taiwan client since 1st time cooperation in Jan. 

Taiwan Client is very satisfied with ATS machine for 1st time cooperation, and good after-sales-service make them feel at ease for business. Thumb up by client !  

Feed machine shipped incl. PULSE FILTER VIBRANT SIFTER ,OIL COATER , etc., 

Client trust us very much with all payment cleared before shipment. This trust will bring win-win cooperation for both to new height.

Shipment of Feed Machines Export To Taiwan

Shipment of Feed Machines Export To Taiwan


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