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2TPH Paprika Grinding Line

Jan. 06, 2017

Place : Liyang city, ATS company’s office , meeting room 

Time: 2017-1-16

Subject: 2TPH paprika grinding line 

ATS machine company managing director Mr Zhuang Xiaobo ( Tony), Technical director Mr Jiangxiang ( Jacky ) met with Spanish counterparts Managing director Mr Ramon Sabater and Technical director Mr Oscar Alarcon for a meeting on 2TPH paprika grinding line project.    

ATS machine company have been doing chilli, pepper, paprika processing machine for more than 20years, is a leading company in china for chilli , pepper machine and paprika machine. 

Spanish company is a wholesaler of spices and ingredients for more than 100years, committed itself to the future by investing in technology and quality control systems that enhance our competitiveness in the market

After discussing 2TPH paprika grinding line process, Technical director Mr Oscar Alarcon thumb up for ATS company professional solution. Managing director Mr Ramon Sabater have good hope in cooperation to expand his family business globally.

2TPH Paprika Grinding Line


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