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Egypt client visit us for pellet mill single machine

Apr. 25, 2014

Working on Egypt market for 5years, as connection role between Middle east market and North Africa market, it play great important role for feed develop, as far as we know already 200plus feed mill exist in Egypt, and running good business as well.

Some client interest in turnkey project for feed mill plant, some has upgrade of feed production line requirement, in this case, single machine of pellet mill requirement is huge demand for upgrade old line.

UNDER THIS BACKGROUND, as leading agro machine dealer in Egypt market, the managing director and his son visit our company for feed granulator or pellet mill purchase.

They visit our machine in workshop and satisfied for cooperation, because price is very competitive and quality is stable, main bearing are SKF and NSK, stainless steel ring die and partial stainless steel made part such as conditioner and door cover make pellet mill durable.

In our factory, client immediately make purchase order with dozens of pellet mill and request short time delivery to make their client experience our machine as fast as possible.

Egypt client visit us for pellet mill single machine

Egypt client visit us for pellet mill single machine


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